Regional AGM report

22 February 2015

Region: South West

45 members attended the Regional AGM, our best attendance yet at an AGM. The meeting was completed in a little over an hour, with the various officers reports being accepted. Martin Hoswe ARPS was re-elected as the Regional Organiser, with those currently on the Committee re-elected en bloc. In addition Rod Fry ARPS and Mac Bouchere FRPS were elected onto the Committee to bring it back to full strength. It was also agreed that the current mono print portfolio which circulates between members should be changed to encompass not only digital work, as currently, but also analogue work. 

The rest of the day was spent viewing successful Regional members L & A Distinctions panels from the last year, plus some panels sent down to us from Bath showing Associateship plus two Fellowship panels.



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08 March 2015

Thank you to all the members who shared with us their successful panels and to Bath for letting us have several A and F panels to show.

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Anthony Rowe
23 February 2015

Another great day. Learnt a lot from seeing the panels. I have got some work to do..!
A big thank you to all the Committee for all that you do for our region, both on show and behind the scenes.

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22 February 2015

A great day I think. Business like and enjoyable as well as entertaining and inspiring.

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