Distinctions Advisory Day

28 November 2015

Region: South West

The Dolphin Hotel in Bovey Tracey was the venue for the Distinctions Advisory day. Pete McCloskey FRPS was the only panel member available and so had a lot of work to get through which was completed in a positive and relaxed fashion.

15 members and non members submitted panels for advice, some had already been advised on by Peter Patterson via CD copies as no assessor was available for some of the catagories. Pete then read out the advice and re jigged the panel as suggested to give the applicant the best advice possible. Other L panels were advised to submit with what they had shown, but with the usual caviat that it was not a guarantee to success.

29 observers also enjoyed the day, everybody taking something away from the advice given the day.

We would appreciate any comments from any attendees by the way of comments on this blog to enable us to have feedback on the way these days are run.

The images show Pete McCloskey viewing and advising on the work submitted


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30 November 2015

A great day, really informative comments on my own panel and very helpful to see other peoples work too. Peter's feedback was brilliant. Many thanks to you all!

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29 November 2015

Really useful to see the panels being judged - my pen was scribbling away all day 'check focus point', keep paper and framing size and type consistent', 'no blown highlights', 'watch for noise'...! I'm not quite ready to put a panel together yet but have plenty of food for thought as I put one together. Thanks for a really useful day :-) (and lovely to meet some new folks too!)

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29 November 2015

Hello Martin and the hard-working team who make these events possible and such a success.
Many thanks for another excellent day, it is always a pleasure to see everyone's panels whether they are deemed ready for distinctions or not.
I am sure these days help a great deal in creating successful panels.
We always learn something from seeing the work of others and meeting fellow photographers.
it is a good social day to catch up with people too.


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29 November 2015

Wonderful to see all the work being prepared by prospective L and A entrants. As an observer it is always useful to see the standards being set and to see how close one might, or might not, be getting towards submitting one's own work for review!
Thank you Martin and team for a splendid day.

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29 November 2015

Hi Martin and team - many thanks for a very useful and informative day. It was great seeing everyone's work and I thought Peter's feedback was invaluable.

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