Distinctions Advisory Day

24 April 2016

Region: South West

An excellent day with some very good work viewed by the audience of around 50 people.

Sue Brown FRPS and Martin Addison FRPS did an excellent job of advising on 17 panels, 14 l's and 3 A's. Special thanks to Martin who stepped in at the last minute as Cathy Roberts was unable to attend, his comments were very consturctive and well considered, as indeed were Sue's.

Also thanks to Martin Howse for organising the day, after what had been quite  a challenging run up to the event and to the members of the Committee who spent the day putting panels onto the print stand and taking them down after assessment.

Several panel presenters went away with the idea that there panels should be presented for assessment immediatley and others with minor tweaks before application.

Thanks to all who attended and especially to those who showed us their work.


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25 April 2016

I was Lucky enough to be given a chance to show my Panel Yesterday up at Bovey. It was a very nervous day as when you go as a spectator you are there to Learn and to Pick up Points for you big day, when you are the one showing instead of being a spectator its a big change :), My panel was well accepted with a few tweaks which was very helpful.

Sue Brown FRPS and Martin Addison FRPS were both excellent and their comments very truthful and helpful- I find that showing your work to family and friends is great but I find that you almost get a good response with out any critique but thats why its good to take your work to these days to see if you are heading in the right direction I think,

A Huge thank you personally goes to Martin Howse who helped me get in on the running order for the day at a late date and he is so friendly and welcoming as are all of the Region Staff and Helpers who help make the day a great success that it was. Thanks for all of your hard work.

My Partner who was with me and has helped me with the cutting and mounting side also commented that the Panels that we saw very inspiring in little ways that you wouldn't expect and that she went away with Ideas fthat ranged from rust and boats to flowers and watercolors on the drive back she also commented that it was a very enjoyable day.

I'm away to do my Tweaking and then then onto the next big step of the journey . Big thanks again to all that made it a very interesting and great day.

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24 April 2016

Its quite nerving presenting your work to the public. Not like sharing on line where people just click like. Some have no knowledge of artistic content or the values to see insight of ones approach. Then there are those who see something special and make comment. Perhaps the work may have enlightened them, or at some impact related to something in their life.
often be get exited to create or capture something outstanding that thrills us, no so much other.
Be it your work is personal the moves you. Or you in a subject. The diversity of what we see to day from the input of so many producers of images makes the wow factor harder to beat.
Often be are over whelmed with what is in front of us. With judgment brings in doorways to getting it right. Follow your heart and not the ego.
Find your self in what you love and then discover the views from out views what others see in your projection. Often other see what is over looked what we see but ignore.

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