Introduction to Distinctions

11 December 2016

Region: South West

An excellent day during which we saw about 15 successful panels, from L through to F and the Fellowship panel of the year.

The day started with an overview of the Licentiateship panels, including the details of what is required to attain the standard. We then moved on to the Associateship level, with panels being shown from each of the main categories, explaining what is requierd and how to select which category to should apply to. After lunch it was the turn of Fellowship with some very good work and concluded with an very inventive panel which had won the Felowship panel of the year award.

Our thanks go to Regional Committee members, Martin for getting the day together, and to Di who did well reading out the staements for the A and F panels.

To Roy Robertson who flew from Scotland to present and talk about the panels and to Ben Fox and Simon Vercoe who brought all the successful panels plus the print stands to show them. This entails hiring a van, and in Simons case, getting up at 4am to get to Fenton House to meet Ben, to load the van and then having to drive back to Fenton House and unload on the Sunday evening.

Our thanks go to them all for their help and for giving us a great days entertainment, and some inspiration.