Evening talk with Andrew Cooper

01 April 2017

Region: South West

A wonderful evening's entertainment by Andrew Cooper. Andrew was a BBC producer of programmes for the Natural History Unit based in Bristol, although he started his career based in Plymouth.

He showed us photographs from his travels making programmes from all around the world, telling us of his adventures in making these programmes, the adventures, some close shaves and the joy of making Natural History something for a mass audience.

After a short break we were again shown some images from his travels as well as a discovery which has caused great interest, as the only time anyone has actually photographed a Peregrine Falcon with a Flying fish which it had caught and was eating on the wing, some 15 miles off the Caribbean Coast.

Thanks to all who attended, to Rod for giving such an eloquent vote of thanks, but mainly to Andrew for taking the time to deliver his talks in a very informative, passionate and at times, humourous way