Mark Lanigan LRPS - My experience

07 December 2015

Region: Southern

All images © Mark Lanigan LRPS


My LRPS Experience

While living in London I discovered street photography which I did for six years before moving to Hampshire and completely switching my style. Gone were the gritty streets of London and now my photography is more often landscapes and seascapes as well as travel.

Choosing my panel was a long process. I started by printing about fifty 6x4 prints and covering the dining room table with possible combinations. In the end I decided that the strong abstract red and black lamp would be my hero shot and then I looked for shots that were a mix of landscape, travel and abstract but had some tonal similarity. I kept coming back to oranges/browns and reds and then positioned the images around the triangle of three portrait images.

I attended an Advisory Day which was extremely helpful if somewhat demoralising as the assessors were critical of the quality of my prints. However, having bought a new printer and sticking to a single paper source things began to look up.

The day itself was actually less nerve-wracking than I imagined but after seeing a few panels not make it, particularly projected images, my confidence began to falter. Suddenly it was my turn and all of a sudden my name was called out and the judge said some nice things about my panel and I’d got my LRPS. When I came to collect my print case at the end, I was asked if I would lend my images to be shown at Advisory Days around the UK which I was delighted to do. 

Mark Lanigan LRPS


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