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19 December 2015

Region: Southern

Images © Kate Lomax LRPS


It has always fascinated me that, as a race, we have, for almost a century and a half, held in our hands the technology to capture any given moment in our time. As photographers, we time lock all manner of unique moments. We capture such precious moments, how can photography be anything other than pure joy?

Immediately we press the shutter release, we have captured history.  How amazing is that? So, the first thing you have learned about me is that I am a real die hard ‘Dolly Daydream’, with my creative mind driving my cumbersome body to places I would never otherwise dream of taking it. Photography inspires me.   Imaging inspires me.  A second by second changing environment are the fodder for my passions. I love to be outside, particularly with wildlife.   

Imagine!  You are walking in Swanwick Lake’s Nature Reserve and you spot a mother duck and her chicks.  You gently offer a little duck food and keep walking without making too much kerfuffle or fuss.  You repeat this a couple of times, hoping beyond hope. Then eventually she herds her ducklings to you.  Yep, I could have snapped her without the food ritual, using a telephoto lens. However, I wouldn’t have caught that look of complete trust and unruffled contentment in the mother’s eyes, although I was standing only about two feet away from her precious cargo. Priceless. 

When I am not harassing ducks in the park, I am enjoying my role as Newsletter Editor and Meetup Co-Organiser for the super members of RPS Southern.   It is so exciting to be part of a committee that is so dedicated to growth and community events.  If you haven’t joined us on Meetup yet, please do come and subscribe.  It is free to be part of our group, and by being onboard you can select to be notified of events, so you should never miss another one!


Kate Lomax LRPS

Newsletter Editor


This is an ongoing blog series – if you would like to get involved, please get in touch at It would be great to get to know you – to learn more about who you are and why you love photography. We invite you to write a short blurb about yourself, your photography interests and what inspires you. Please also include a mug shot of yourself and images you would like us to show. Credit will be provided. Thank you.