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19 November 2015

Region: Southern

Contributing to the Regional Newsletter

It is always lovely to receive feedback to & contributions for the newsletter, whatever the format.

As the Editor of the Southern Region Newsletter, contributions tell me two things. Firstly, you are likely to have read your current newsletter, and secondly, you wish to share your contribution with your photographic community. Super!

Occasionally, individuals are deterred from contributing by a lack of confidence in their spelling, or command of the English language. Or you may wonder as to the value of your favourite short cut to your peers. So firstly I wish to allay those fears by simply saying, getting it down and emailing your contribution is far more important than forever going over your piece for spelling or grammatical errors. The reality is, that your piece is likely to be edited to fit the available space, so let me worry about the final piece!

We welcome all ideas, articles, hints and tips, location recommendations, photographs, and event reports. If there is no space available in the newsletter, then your contribution will be passed to our Regional Organiser Paul, for consideration as an inclusion as a small blog.

Photographs supplied for print should be of sufficient pixel dimensions to satisfy the standard publishing requirement of 300 pixels per inch at the dimensions of the printed image. However, that doesn’t mean they need to be huge in size. They don’t. If the image is to be printed to 4 inches in size on one edge, in a newsletter for example, then it should be a minimum of 1200 pixels along that edge.

Text should be double spaced for checking, and saved in a .doc or .txt format. Keep unnecessary words to a minimum.

For Example:

Whilst studying the work of Chuck Close at
University, I was inspired to create a filter from
plastic biscuit packaging, in order to replicate. 

Place securely over lens whilst taking the photo.


Household packaging can make great, cost effective
filters. This ingenious biscuit holder filter
mimics the work of artist Chuck Close.


Finally, advice should be tailored to appeal to the majority of our readers. Specialist knowledge is far better presented in a blog, where space can be given to further reading, explanatory notes, and references.

We would love to hear from you with your potential submissions. Please email either myself at,

Or our regional organiser, Paul Gilmour at,

Thank you for your continued support in building an informative yet interesting publication that every member of the region can enjoy.


Kate Lomax

Newsletter Editor

Click here to download our Newsletter Guidlines in pdf format