Longridge Mount Cutting Systems

31 October 2015

Region: Southern

Introducing Longridge Mount Cutting Systems

Are you preparing for a RPS distinction panel assessment? Would you like to present your own work in an exhibition that you can be proud of? But didn't know how to mount your work? Then look no further!

Longridge Mount Cutting Systems, will be present to give you an insight into their products on our upcoming Distinction Advisory day at Kinson Community Centre, on Sunday 24th January 2016.

When RPS members contact Longridge directly they can benefit from a 10% discount on all Longridge products.The incentives on the Distinctions Advisory day at Kinson will be more attractive.



The Longridge family has been at the cutting edge of British engineering over many generations, be it involvement with Stephenson’s Rocket, British Engine Insurance or Mount Cutting Systems.


The present Longridge Mount Cutter was born out of listening to photographer’s needs. Creating your image is only half the work; presentation completes it.

Longridge provides you with the control to mount your image, bespoke to your needs. Transform it, add value to it and present it with confidence.

Innovation, British design and engineering, production and manufacturing techniques not usually found at the affordable end of the market, fastidious assembly and quality control all have contributed to the success and performance of these products.

Employing traditional values with modern engineering, Longridge Mount Cutting Systems are contemporary, precise and effortless.

www.longridge.co.uk - not sure how it works? – see the Longridge website for full details and videos of it in use.


To reserve your place on the Distinction Advisory day in Kinson, book here