Supermoon lunar eclipse this weekend!

25 September 2015

Region: Southern

Image © Paul Gilmour LRPS

Supermoon and lunar eclipse this weekend Sunday 27 into Monday 28th September.

A reminder for you all that this weekend there will be both a “Supermoon” and lunar eclipse! It is a great opportunity to photograph the Supermoon phenomenon where the moon is at its closest point to the Earth in its orbit so called its “perigee-syzygy” of the Sun-Moon-Earth system. This weekend also sees this coinciding with a total lunar eclipse which is expected to take place in the early hours of Monday morning.

Times of the Lunar Eclipse Monday 28th September 2015

  Partial eclipse begins Total eclipse begins Greatest total eclipse Total eclipse ends

Partial eclipse ends

BST UK time 02:07am 03:11am 03:47am 4:23am 5:27am

The colour of the full moon changes to a stunning deep ‘blood’ red shade caused by the scatter of light in the atmosphere making it a stunning event to witness and photography for astronomers and photographers alike.

This weekend the viewing conditions should be favourable with clear skies expected.

Here are some pointers on how to ensure you capture the moon at its best this weekend!

A sturdy tripod and cable release and/or mirror lock up is advised to ensure shake free images.

A telephoto lens (300mm upwards) will help to get a great close up of the Supermoon, however also consider photographing the moon set against the landscape using a wide angel lens to give the scene some perspective. A wide angle lens with a wide aperture is a great option for this.

A great opportunity to try out time lapse photography!

The Southern Region offers some great locations and sites classified as “deep sky” locations to get out with your camera, tripod and telescope to view the Supermoon. People will flock to Stonehenge no doubt, but Queen Elizabeth country park near Petersfield in Hampshire is also a great viewpoint as is The Trundle, at Goodwood near Chichester.

It would be great to see how you get on and to see what images you can capture!


Paul Gilmour LRPS

Southern Region Organiser


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Paul Gilmour
29 September 2015

I managed to get up at 3am and photographed until about 4:30am. The 'super'moon wasn't that big but did glow a lovely blood red.

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Emily Mathisen
29 September 2015

I am utterly gutted as I have only just seen this Blog and I missed the blooming moon! Note to self - need to get more organised...! Hope you got some good pics.

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