Tim Rudman's 'Iceland'

14 June 2016

Region: Southern

Images © David Ashcroft LRPS


Just been to view the Tim Rudman exhibition of toned traditional prints. His images are very graphic an eye catching. I really like them. They were captured on film and printed and toned in the darkroom.

Now here's the thing. Maybe I am just used to the incredibly high resolution, noise free full frame digital image files but these images didn't look bitingly sharp and were a bit grainy in the highlights. Maybe this was the intention of the photographer.

Anyway not withstanding my comments above, I really enjoyed his work and would recommend it.

David Ashcroft LRPS



‘Iceland, an Uneasy Calm’ is a series of photographs taken in Iceland over the last eight years by Tim Rudman who is acknowledged as one of the very finest landscape photographers working today. This stunning collection is being exhibited at the Fox Talbot Museum in Lacock, Britain’s birthplace of photography, from 9 January to 10 July.