Introduction to Astro photography

22 March 2016

Region: Southern

Join us at Marwell Hotel on Sunday 3rd April 2016


Marwell Hotel,

Near Winchester, Sunday 3rd April 2016



The deadline for bookings is the 31st March 2016


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In this session Lilian will introduce you to the world of astrophotography. She will show you how to photograph the stars and constellations, the moon, a comet that should be visible in April, meteors and bright galaxies using your DSLR or video camera or even a GoPro and with equipment which you may already own.

Many of us may have a small telescope hiding in a cupboard somewhere, Lilian will show you how to attach your camera to that telescope or spotting scope and image the moon or the bright planets like Jupiter which will be well placed in April.


Moon Runway © Dr. Lilian Hobbs LRPS


Astrophotography isn’t all about night time work, it includes the sun as well. Lilian will show you how to safely photograph the sun and the transit of Mercury across the sun in May.

Topics to be covered include:

  • What is Astrophotography
  • Photographing the Night Sky Part 1
  • Photographing the Night Sky Part 2 
  • The Moon
  • Bright Galaxies using your DSLR
  • Planets using a small telescope
  • Solar photography including eclipses
  • What’s next, I am hooked, a peek at Advanced techniques

Main image: M1 Crab Nebula © Dr. Lilian Hobbs LRPS


About the Speaker

Dr. Lilian Hobbs LRPS has been an astrophotographer for over 40 years, she is currently President of the Southampton Astronomical Society and her observatory has been featured on the BBC Sky at Night.

Lilian is the author of  the ETX telescope book and a regular speaker to local astronomy groups.  Her astronomy photos can be seen at



Free tea, coffee and cold drink refreshments, along with snacks will be served.

Lunch is not included in the price, so please bring your own, or pre-order directly with Marwell Hotel.

Free parking on site.