Photograph a Blacksmith at Work!

17 March 2016

Region: Southern

March 11th  saw the first of our ‘Photograph a Blacksmith at Work’ workshops. Nine of us eagerly met at the Little Duck Forge and Portsmouth’s ‘Iron Maid’,  Lucille, put on a good show of sparks for the signature shot of a hammer hitting white hot metal, which can be viewed online at the Royal Photographic Society - Southern Region Flickr page,

It is interesting to see the range of photographs of this one iconic image and the differences between photographers depending on  shutter speed, fill in flash, positioning and all of the other  elements  that we try to control when taking a photo.  The forge is in a listed building on a heritage site, part of a local steam museum and apart from the blacksmithing, we spent almost as much time photographing some of the curiosities around the workshop, the strange  tools and the wonderful creations in the garden - although most of us took advantage of the warm sun to have a cup of tea, a biscuit and a friendly chat so not too many photos of the garden have been uploaded to our MeetUp or Flickr pages.


The event was first advertised on MeetUp and was fully booked within an hour, so we have scheduled another on May 13th, full details here , and another on 20th May, and it will be added to MeetUp in a few days, so do book early if you are interested.

It was great to see such a variety of skill levels and approaches and pleasing to see the wide range of subject matter that everyone covered. I am particularly looking forward to the composite image of the gloved hand in the heart of the fire that one of our attendees was building. I am pleased that this event was so popular so am considering others in the same vein – if any of our members always hankered after a session filming a particular activity, let me know as if others share the interest, we may be able to organise a session.


Martin Silman

Portsmouth Area Organiser 


(Images shown © Kate Lomax LRPS)