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[Photo Instruction by Judy Buckley-Sharp LRPS]


Please contact the relevant department of the Society directly.


Lots of advice is available, and you should typically proceed in this order:
Web site: The Distinctions pages have copies of the Distinctions handbooks, and lots of other information. The Events sections have dates for workshops and assessments: use the available filter to select.
Criteria and Requirements: Read the Distinctions Handbook.
Administrative procedures: Ask the Distinctions Department.
Initial Guidance: Attend an Advisory Day as an observer.
Open Advice: Attend an Advisory Day bringing work for advice.
Advice by on-line submission: Members of the Society can access the page within the Distinctions section to submit images on-line for advice from a Panel Member. Note the conditions, which include that on-line advice may only be obtained once per distinction level, and that comments on technical quality will be limited or not possible. Members who can access an Advisory Day are recommended to do that in preference to using on-line advice.
Personal Advice: Contact the Distictions Department to be put in touch with a Panel member for 1:1 advice. Note there are conditions with personal advice, and this facility should be reserved as your last action, if at all, before making an application.
Application: The assessment dates and forms are available from the Distinctions pages. Apply to the Distinctions Department.

Do not underestimate the time it may take to be properly prepared for a distinctions assessment.