Advisory Days

[Advisory Day Jan-09]



Our events for LRPS/ARPS advice book up quickly, and long notice enquiry is essential. Before considering booking a place for advice, you must read the relevant sections of the Society's Distinctions handbook. Also read our local information:
Bookings; Cancellations Policy
Organisation and Timetable
Preparing for Advice

Typically, we have up to 12 spaces for LRPS advice, and up to 6 spaces for ARPS advice on each day. We will try to accommodate the different categories for ARPS, but that is not always possible. There are also many spaces for observers who do not bring work for advice.

Media may be prints or projected images, although an individual event may be prints only. We do not cover advice on Multimedia, which are organised centrally.


Small-group workshops for FRPS advice are organised separately by selected regions around the country. The workshops are led by an adviser regardless of category (Art, Applied, Nature, etc). Media will be prints only.