Concerned Photographer? (Date changed as DPOTY 2016 was cancelled)

14 May 2006

Region: Yorkshire

Does that sound daunting? Are you thinking “I am not worthy?”. “I never visit war zones.”


Let’s try again. Do you have a story to tell? Are you a part of a group that has a story to tell? Why not tell it! The Documentary Photographer the the Year competition is open to all RPS members. In each of the two sections - colour and monochrome - the top prizes are a Olympus Pen-F cameras with a 17mm lens. However, there’s an equally tasty carrot being dangled to the top six participants in the form of a master class with an award-winning documentary photographer - although that’s still subject to confirmation.


Still not convinced that you should enter? Go and have a look at the competition website where there are full details and in the “Exchange” section there are some interesting recommendations for further reading in the form of both books and internet papers. And while you’re at it go and have a look at my favourite, the Documentary Photography Review website where there are resources and podcasts of interviews with mainly UK-based documentary photographers.


So come on. Have you got a story that’s worth telling? Can you make a coherent job of it in five images? Show us! You’ve got until 31st of August, and if you are offering existing work, anything taken in 2015 or 2016 is eligible.