Yorkshire Members Photography at HIVE

24 August 2015

Region: Yorkshire

        This is a wonderful opportunity to both promote the RPS and the Yorkshire                     Region.      

        It would be hopeful to have a display at the exhibition of between 15 or 20                      photographic images.                                                                                                        All Yorkshire Members are invited to bring work along to the Café Session in                  Leeds on  Saturday 26th September or email images to myself at                                    photobox50@gmail.com 

       Alternatively if you wish to post or deliver prints please contact myself by either              email or telephone to make arrangements.                                                                         

       There are no restrictions on subject matter or style of photography.

        All submitted images received, would be considered collectively by a selected               group of individuals as to which ones are to be exhibited at the show. 

        All final images selected will then need to be finally produced as a print; sizes and         mount sizes will be advised after selection process.          

       Let's see your images and Good Luck to Everyone.




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