Nigel looks at the price of money

17 January 2015

Region: Yorkshire



Following the unrivalled success of his Eye Spy photographic exhibition, controversial contemporary photographer, Nigel Tooby, will launch a further showcase of his works with, "of our times: the price of money" at the Artspace Gallery, The Ropewalk, in Barton upon Humber from Saturday January 17 to Saturday, March 1, 2015.

Showcasing a series of thought-provoking images taken from Nigel’s acclaimed photo book of the same name, which saw him secure a fellowship from the Royal Photographic Society, the exhibition focuses on the uncomfortable yet common pursuit of power and fortune, laying bare the damage it causes and the ultimate price of success.

Calling upon his personal experience as a leading businessman and entrepreneur, Nigel shares the harsh reality of placing work above all else in his latest exhibition, which depict in parts a family with two grieving children and an emotionless wife.

Nigel said: “Taking experiences from my own life, I wanted to really make a statement with this exhibition. My work can be considered controversial however I feel that I tackle real life issues head on. I don’t hide behind a façade instead I bring the uncomfortable truths forward and use my contemporary style to tell a story, which in turn provokes further discussion."

He added: “After the success of the Eye Spy exhibition, which was a huge success, I know that I have a lot to live up to but I am confident that this exhibition will encourage the same high levels of engagement and debate. There is no doubt that there will be a fine line between those who sympathise and those who criticise the main character; the businessman. I’m really looking forward to it.”

Within the series of 43 images, visitors to the exhibition will follow the story of a man battling with life in an imbalanced, competitive and cut-throat world, dominated by work and lacking in any real emotion or family connection. The outcome is bleak, yet perhaps obvious, in death.

Richard Hatfield, Exhibitions officer and a Director of the Ropewalk said: “Nigel produces work which is current, inspiring, original, and photographically speaking, quite different to the norm. His work is direct, occasionally brutal, creative and sometimes shocking but it leaves little doubt as to where his own opinions lie. Thought provoking; his work invites the viewer to accept, reject or else debate that opinion.”

He went on: “His assertion that rampant greed sowed the seeds of the 2008 credit crunch is clear from the work but the effects of the greed-associated business paradigm reaches far deeper levels, perverting politics as well as the lives, relationships and health of those involved to varying degrees. He implies that enterprise doesn’t have to be conducted that way – that commercial activities can be carried out ethically and can, as a result, provide a more stable and productive business.”

Following the successful production of a charity calendar and subsequent exhibition and art installation for Simon on the Streets, a homeless organisation in West Yorkshire, where Nigel chose to take images from the perspective of those living rough, he hopes that "of our times: the price of money" will evoke the same exaggerated and mixed reactions.

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