One year on, and production continues

08 June 2015

The RPS Journal

It has now been a year since our team first published the new-look Journal (doesn’t time fly!) and just as your June issue hit your doorstep, we had begun work on the next one.

The last 12 months, and the last 12 issues, have been full of privileges. First and foremost, there’s the pleasure we get from working with such a range of images from members, Honorary Fellows and top photographers the world over. My personal highlights have included getting an exclusive Steve McCurry image to run on our cover last October, and chatting to another of my heroes, Mary Ellen Mark, about her work for the February issue – reading through my shorthand notes from our discussion back in January, it’s hard to believe that she is no longer with us.

My interview with Mary Ellen Mark, from February

Another highlight has been getting to know the Society and its members. We attended one of our regular meetings at Society HQ in Bath last week, and as always we left buzzing with the passion for photography that gets in your bones from the moment you step through the doors.

The Journal editorial team during our regular catch-up with Fenton House staff (left to right, John Innes, publisher; Helen Cassidy, account manager; Andrew Cattanach, deputy editor and Clare Harris, editor) Image: Dr Michael Pritchard

Back at editorial HQ, we’ve just begun production of the July issue, and it’s all systems go. At the moment myself and deputy editor, Andrew, are getting copy into shape and making sure we have all the images we need, while our colleague Emma puts together the Member Guide (see our previous post). Matt, our art director, thinks about how features are going to look to make the most of the images we have.

We do receive many suggestions for articles in the pages of the Journal – many of which we include, and many that we don’t. Even with 12 issues a year we’d never be able to fit as many amazing images and ideas into our pages as we’d like to. So if you do submit an idea, and it doesn’t make it in – don’t be disheartened, and don’t let it put you off submitting again in the future.

Clare Harris

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Emily Mathisen
05 August 2015


They are indeed! When you are logged in you can find back issues from the last year in the right hand menu here: (you won't be able to see the link to back issues if you aren't a logged in member).

If you are interested in back issues from further back from the last year or two, you might like to browse through The Journal Archive here:

Hope that helps!

Emily (RPS Web Content Manager)

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21 July 2015

Being a new member I am wondering, and hoping, that past copies of the journal are available either for purchase or download electronically—does this faciity exist and if so how can I access such past copies/downloads?

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