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15 May 2015

The RPS Journal

In preparation for each issue of The RPS Journal, I get to immerse myself in the Society’s member community by finding out about forthcoming events that will be printed in the Member Guide. In this section of the Journal, we list events taking place over the next three months, both in the UK and abroad.

Events range extensively in topic and format and are organised by Regions, Chapters, Special Interest Groups and the Society itself. Workshops and distinguished guest speakers, for example, allow members to hone their skills and learn more about specific aspects of photography, while local events and meetings are a great opportunity to network with peers.

The process of collating event information for the Journal begins three weeks before publication.

Member Guide data

I work with data extracted from the events section of the website, and arrange it by group, event type and date.


Member Guide formatted

I then flow the data into a production document and begin to format the information you see on the page – location, date, time, description and so forth.

I also contact organisers each issue and ask them to provide images. These help to promote specific events and illustrate what’s on offer. We try to rotate these spots each issue so that every group is fairly represented.

Whether you've recently joined or you’re a long-time member of The Royal Photographic Society’s member community, check the Guide and see what you could gain from Society events.

Emma Wilson

The RPS Journal



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18 May 2015

Hi Jane, many thanks for your comment. In the forthcoming issue (June), we have changed the style of the event titles from capitals to lower case to help legibility. However, we will take a closer look at the section to see if there are any other ways to improve it.

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Jane Black
17 May 2015

The headings of the regions are much too small and difficult to read. So is all the information. It must put a lot of members of bothering. Remember the large percentage of membership are over 50.

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