RPS Journal: Queen Elizabeth II 90th Birthday Special

26 May 2016

The RPS Journal

At the beginning of March we asked members to submit their photographs of Queen Elizabeth II to include in June's special edition of the magazine celebrating the monarch's 90th birthday

Whether you photographed Her Majesty officially or unofficially during one of her many visits to towns and cities around Britain, we were keen to see the results and hear the fascinating stories behind them.

The response we received was overwhelming and the RPS Journal team were tasked with the enviable job of looking through some fantastic photographs and learning the fascinating stories behind them.

A selection of these images can be seen in Kate William's article in June's RPS Journal, which examines Queen Elizabeth II's reign in photographs and features portraits taken by Honorary Fellows including Nick Danziger, Harry Benson and Polly Borland.

As we continue to celebrate Her Majesty the Queen's 90th birthday over the course of June, we will showcase the submitted images that really caught our attention but couldn't squeeze into the pages of the magazine. 

As always, we want to thank our readers, whose continued enthusiasm and brilliant submissions helped create a really great issue of the Journal. We hope you enjoy reading it!