Future plans

06 April 2015

SIG: Analogue

At the Photography Show we met as a committee for the second time and discussed our newsletter and planned events. Richard, editor of our planned newsletter Analogue, is soliciting articles for the first edition, due out we hope in the summer. Our designer is working on a layout; the programme secretary is planning events across the country, investigating venues and talking to potential speakers. I am learning the discipline of blogging…! We will post dates of forthcoming events as soon as they are confirmed, on the Society’s web site and in the Journal

Inevitably these things take a little time to get underway! Our events programme will try to cater for a diverse range of interests, be widely geographically spread, and include opportunities to take pictures, as well as look at them and learn new skills. We look forward to working with other groups and regions as well.

The accompanying image is taken on Fujichrome: as versatile is digital imaging is, colour transparency film is one of the most beautiful and precise mediums in which to work photographically. Digital projection does not come anywhere near the visual impact of a projected slide in a darkened room, especialy in terms of saturation. Also, the darkness in which you view slides means the eye is not distracted by the environment, unlike when using a computer monitor. 


Image: stained glass by David Healey ARPS