Analogue group first exhibition at Fenton House, Bath

01 December 2015

SIG: Analogue


The newly formed Analogue Group now has a membership of 132. It is pleasing to see that film and darkroom processing is so popular and that so many photographers still enjoy shooting film. Analogue photography is not only about monochrome images, it also includes darkroom processing of colour prints, which requires skill and an understanding of colour processing, and it has long been the foundation of learning about photography. Today’s younger generation are intrigued and fascinated by the mysteries of darkroom processing and many colleges are now running courses in photography which encourage students to shoot and process films. Experienced photographers who learned the craft via analogue film-based photography and now use digital technology still enjoy going back to shooting films and dark-room processing.

When photography was invented, it was thought that painting would die out, but this has proved not to be the case. Equally, with the rapid growth of digital photography, it was thought that film based photography would drastically decline; however, it has become apparent that there is still strong interest in film-based photography. It seems that most notable reason to shoot analogue may be the resolution obtained from medium and large format cameras. Explanations cannot only be laid within technical comparisons.I personally feel that film based photography and darkroom processing is a more personal and enjoyable experience.

For the exhibition, members were invited to send in prints on any theme and encouraged to use a range of processes. Eighteen members from countries including Germany and Hong Kong submitted work which included cyanotype, polaroid and photogravure prints, and 32 were selected for the exhibition at Fenton House.

I would like to thank all those who submitted their work and my congratulations go to those whose prints were selected. I would also like to thank the two selectors, Ian Cartwright FMPA, M-QEP (multi award-winning professional photographer) and David Healey ARPS (Analogue Group Chairman), and the RPS staff for selecting the Gold, Silver and Bronze medal award winners.

Finally, I hope you enjoy this exhibition as much as I enjoyed co-ordinating it.

Dr Afzal Ansary ASIS FRPS

Exhibition Co-ordinator

Vice Chairman Analogue Group

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Emily Mathisen
02 December 2015

It looks great and I have already chosen my favourite image!

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