Darkroom and Instant Imaging day

10 July 2015

SIG: Analogue

Darkroom and Instant Imaging day, University of Westminster, 27 June 2015

The Analogue Group’s first post-formation meeting involved both darkroom tuition by Stuart Keegan, a master printer, and a workshop on instant imaging provided jointly by Keyphoto and Steve Godfrey of Northampton University. Hands-on darkroom experience, Stuart’s wisdom and encouragement, the presence of several University of Westminster students, and the opportunity to carry out emulsion lifts using Impossible film made for a varied and stimulating day. Members also trialled Fuji Instax and Impossible instant phone printers and saw Impossible 10x8 inch film demonstrated. Materials and samples were provided by Keyphoto, Fuji, Impossible and Harman Ilford. The  University of Westminster made their excellent darkroom available to us. One member wrote ‘I really enjoyed the day in part because I got to meet some fellow analogue photographers. That is a rare treat!’. The day demonstrated members’ appetite for more printing workshops, and meeting and sharing ideas. Thanks to all of you for coming! Details of the group’s next events will be available shortly.

Image and text by Dave Healey ARPS