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13 June 2015

SIG: Analogue



US photo magazine Popular Photography has just suggested eighteen gifts for Father’s Day and graduating students. The list includes a Fuji Instax camera, and Kodak Tri-X film of which it says 'it’s downright magical to watch an image shot with it turn into a print in the developer'.

Fuji Instax is very popular amongst teenagers and photography students, some of whom shoot degree projects on it. Like Impossible’s Polaroid replacement films, analogue instant photography has a powerful allure.

You can learn about instant film at the Analogue group’s event on Saturday 27 June 2015, which has workshops on split-grade darkroom printing and instant photography.

See http://rps.org/events/2015/june/27/darkroom--instant-imaging-day

Pop Photo’s featuring of film products underlines the continuing interest in film in the USA, as does (in the UK) the RPS Analogue group’s growth in membership since its inception in January and Boots’ decision to begin stocking 120 film again (Amateur Photographer, 13 June 2015).

Silver-based photography is alive and well!

Dave Healey.