Meet David Healey, Chair of the Analogue Group at Photoshow

17 March 2015

SIG: Analogue

 Membership and How to Join the Analogue Group

The ANALOGUE Group membership is open to all existing and new RPS members. You must be a member of the RPS to be eligible to join any Special Interest Group.

Subscription to the ANALOGUE Group is currently £15 pa in addition to your normal RPS membership. However, new RPS members may claim a first year free membership of any Special Interest Group (we hope you will choose the ANALOGUE Group!). Group membership runs year to year concurrently with your main RPS membership.

Not yet a member.
If you are not yet a member of the RPS, you will need to join. You can then choose the Analogue group as your free group for the first year.

New Member entitled to free group
If you are a new member of the RPS and wish to choose the ANALOGUE Group as your first year free Group:

Please email to add ANALOGUE as your free Group.

Member paying for the Analogue Group. 

If you are a new member of the RPS and have already chosen your free group, but would like to join the ANALOGUE as well, please log in to your website account and *add the analogue group which is £1.25 per month, up until your renewal.

If you cannot log in, you may not be registered. Please register at


*Go to and click on MY RPS
  Log in with your details
  Click on my account
  Scroll down to my Special interest groups
  Click on EDIT SIG
  Click the Analogue tick box
  Click pay
  Enter card details