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07 October 2015

SIG: Analogue

The news that Cosina are to cease manufacturing Voigtlander rangefinder cameras is disappointing 


The Nikon F6 is the only high-end film SLR available now, as Nikon have recently discontinued their Cosina-manufactured FM10: in medium format, Bronica, Mamiya and Pentax 645 format SLRs, popular and portable, are long-missed.

There is a gap in the market to meet the needs of a generation of new, young film users who have discovered the joys of film through Lomo and the like, and who would buy solid SLRs like  a new Pentax 645 and or a 35mm SLR like  Nikon FM2.

Perhaps the lens manufacturers who are now making high quality prime lenses, like Samyang, Sigma or Tamron, will be tempted to introduce a film body? Or even Lomo? New Pentax film SLRs that take the same lenses as their excellent 645Z (MF) or forthcoming full-frame DSLR would be welcome innovations. Perhaps you'd like to blog about your favourite film SLR...or maybe AP could run a survey to see how many of its readers would buy a new film SLR if one came on the market. 

If you are going to be in your darkroom this month, do print an entry or two for our competition and exhibition: this exhibition is specifically designed to encourage tradtional, wet-process printing (silver or alternative process). Other opportunities will arise over the coming months for those of you who print your analogue images digitally, or use slides.


Dave Healey

Image: RAF Cosford, 35mm Fuji slide film. 







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16 November 2015

I have several film cameras,and still use film.
I recall a conversation in the early nineties at my local photo course
with a young lady about film,she said film will never end. Well I remember mentioning that if we don't buy film in great numbers, that it will die out.
Post digital since then, we are asking for film cameras to be manufactured,
what is the future for film cameras?My own opinion is that cameras will still be around,but in what form,I have several digital cameras also,can't remember the last time I used one.
Guess the manufacturers will supply a demand.We just need to create one.

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11 November 2015

Hi, I have just renewed my membership & have selected Analogue as my SIG.
Quite agree with you that now Film is enjoying a return to popularity the market leaders should seriously consider producing a high end 35mm SLR. I have a number of Canon 35mm SLRs & enjoy shooting with them.
Hoping Canon will produce a 35mm SLR one day soon.

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