Analogue Group AGM update

29 March 2016

SIG: Analogue

Analogue Group AGM final confirmations of timings and guest speakers are now live on the Analogue SIG webpage.

We have got Andrew Sanderson doing Paper Negative workshops, Dr Tony Kaye talking about his time at Kodak and explaining the technical differences between colour negative and colour positive films, Steve Smith demonstrating his film scanning techniques and workflow. He'll also be doing reviews of participants work. A finally we'll have support from Tetenal who are they to answer any questions you have and will demonstrate an easy way to process C41.

Its just over a month until our exiting event gets underway, so please take a look - there's still time to book via our webpage. It'll be great to meet you at our AGM and Analogue event day.


Spectral Sensitivity image by Tony Kaye©.