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05 February 2018

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Here is a round-up of some of the most interesting film photography articles and features recently published on  the internet and elsewhere:


New55, 4x5 instant film producers, announced the end of the company’s production. 

Launched in 2010, and followed up with a Kickstarter campaign in 2014, the creation was popular with photographers with a pledge of $415,025 by the end of the campaign, and almost 900 photos taken with the film posted on Flickr.  It is believed that the loss of its vendor, 20x24 Studio, contributed significantly to the company’s demise. You can read more about this story here


Kodak’s film magazine, Kodachrome, is set to release issue three soon. 

Issue one sold out in the US after it’s release in early 2017, and was followed up later in the year with issue two. Find out more about the magazine, read relevant content and buy a copy at Kodak’s dedicated website here.


The Guardian Australia records photographer Adrian Cook using Wet Plate Collodion. 

Australia’s The Guardian newspaper filmed photographer Adrian Cook, talking through his process and why wet plate collodion photography has such appeal. The video is nearly seven minutes in length and can be viewed here.


Fujifilm is to take control of American firm Xerox. 

Fujifilm has signed a deal to take control of the printer and photocopier business, Xerox, giving the Japanese firm a majority stake in the American company. Read more about this deal here.


More film photography features in AP. 

This week’s issue of Amateur Photographer magazine (dated 10 Feb 2018) features part one of a ‘major guide to buying and shooting film’ with it’s Black and White Film Essentials feature, written by Harman Technology/Ilford’s Matt Parry. The issue is available from 6th February and can be bought in store or downloaded here.


- Amy-Fern Nuttall  


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