Buying Old Cameras & News from Kodak and Cinestill

06 October 2018

SIG: Analogue


There has been a number of announcements this year about Kodak’s return to Ektachrome production, from a peek into the factory, to the news that the film had landed into the hands of testers. Well now it’s official, Ektachrome is back and has begun shipping worldwide. Though the films are not currently available direct to photographers, the rolls have been shipped to distributors, with the standard 35mm and Super 8 already available to distributors and the 16mm due later this month. The release comes after the highly documented announcement in January 2017 that Kodak would be resurrecting the film after discontinuing the stock in 2012 - much to the excitement of many in analogue communities. Read more about this at



CineStill has come to the rescue with various devices to help with developing film, and have recently announced another: the TCS-1000. A thermostat/immersion circulator to help photographers stay in control of temperatures while processing film. The device comes with timers, target temperature settings, bottle holders, and sensors to protect against overheating, all hosted on a single stainless steel body. Available from 10th October, the TCS (Temperature Control System) 1000 will be priced at $99.95 from the CineStill website. Find out more here.



Popular Photography has compiled a guide to buying an old film camera for ‘normal’ people, going on to prove that you don’t have to be an ‘expert’ or a ‘hipster’ to enjoy analogue photography. The guide breaks down types of cameras (from compact to SLR) to camera parts and buying film. You can read the article here, or if you want more help learning about analogue photography check out the Analogue Group’s Guide for Beginners here.





- Amy-Fern Nuttall  


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