New releases from large format manufacturers

17 April 2019

SIG: Analogue

Founded in 1885, Gandolfi was a British family-run business of large format Victorian cameras. Created traditionally with mahogany bodies and gold brass trims, the cameras were historic works of art. 134 years later, after the sale of the company’s final camera, the story of Gandolfi and their craftsmanship is the subject of a restored 1982 film. Re-scanned at 2k high resolution with soundtrack enhancement, the documentary is available on DVD from Silverprint including a 36-page booklet featuring Gandolfi’s camera making techniques. To find out more about the DVD and to purchase your copy visit Silverprint’s website here.

While Gandolfi is bidding farewell to its illustrious past, Intrepid Cameras is celebrating its ongoing production of large format cameras with the simultaneous launch of new 4x5 MK4 and 8x10 MK2 cameras. Both cameras come with new upgrades ‘both sleeker and much more refined than previous incarnations with features only usually found at the higher end spectrum of the market’ but at a fraction of the cost. The company has continued to provide analogue photographers with reasonably priced large format cameras and accessories, becoming the ‘biggest modern manufacturers of large format film cameras worldwide’. Find out more about the new cameras at the company’s website here

Writer: Amy-Fern Nuttall  

Image copyright © Intrepid Cameras