Analogue News from Kodak, CineStill and Ilford

20 February 2019

SIG: Analogue


Analogue’s increasing popularity seems to be continuing this month with various companies joining the steady series of announcements regarding new analogue inventions and re-releases. Just last month One Instant confirmed their campaign to bring back peel-apart film had been a success, while Lomography revealed a new monochrome film was being added to its Kino film series.


This month Kodak has confirmed that the much anticipated Ektachrome will soon be available in 120 and sheet film formats - this comes in addition to the 35mm stock that was initially announced in January 2018 and is now being shipped globally. The new formats are slated to become available before the end of 2019, as confirmed via the company’s Facebook page.


While Kodak focus on film stocks, CineStill and Ilford have been working on developers. 


Ilford has released a ‘Simplicity Starter Pack’ - a set of photography chemical sachets for single-use processing, suitable for 35mm or 120 film. The pack contains developer, stop bath, fixer and a wetting agent and is seemingly part of Ilford’s push towards educating beginners in Analogue photography. The sachets can be bought separately for roughly £12-£16. The Simplicity range comes with a demonstration video on the company’s YouTube channel.


CineStill, meanwhile, has created a collection of powder kits as a solution to the difficulty and cost of shipping pre-mixed emulsions. The company announced the production of a powder version of its Cs41 colour developer kit and the monochrome Df96 monobath kit. According to CineStill a single kit can process 24 rolls of film while the black-and-white monobath could process 16. CineStill is also a company that has been forefront in the ‘analog renaissance’ by producing and marketing starter kits and frequent releases of new stocks and products. Visit their website here.




- Amy-Fern Nuttall  



Image copyright © CineStill