One Instant Brings Peel-Apart Film Back

11 January 2019

SIG: Analogue


It was just over a month ago that One Instant aimed to raise enough funds to launch a peel-apart instant film. Just a few weeks later, it has become a reality thanks to over two-thousand donors across the world, who surpassed the €177,777 target by an extra €41,275.


In 2016, Fujifilm announced the end to its FP100-C instant film - the only remaining peel-apart instant film still in production. Since then, there has been a dearth of peel-apart stock as reserves dwindled. After two years of research, One Instant was created through the collaboration of various film photography experts. 


One Instant is a single exposure, colour peel-apart film, compatible with ‘thousands of legendary classic type 100 packfilm cameras’ supplied in pre-loaded, eco-friendly cartridges. The campaign to raise funds was launched on 8th December 2018 on Kickstarter, and was successfully achieved just four weeks later. It was also announced that donors who had pledged €148 or more will receive a lifetime 11% discount on all future One Instant films, as a thank you for reaching the target.


This is just the latest success story in a long line of analogue-revival product launches over the last two years, and hopefully the inspiration for many more. Find out more about this project and the One Instant film here.






- Amy-Fern Nuttall  



Image copyright © One Instant