Olympus Anniversary & Film-Processing Beer

02 June 2019

SIG: Analogue


This week’s analogue news update includes a short video tribute to Olympus and a beer that also serves as a developer:


This year marks 100 years of the camera company Olympus and the occasion is being celebrated with a 6 minute documentary about the history of the company and the evolution of its cameras. Originally started as a microscopes manufacturer, the Semi-Olympus 1 was released 17 years later as the company’s first camera. Today Olympus serves the medical, scientific and imaging industries with its technology. View the mini-documentary below:



Craft beer Dogfish Head has released a gose beer named SuperEight, which was designed not only to be drunk but also to process film. Made up of prickly pear, blackberry, raspberry, mango, boysenberry, elderberry, kiwi juice, quinoa and Hawaiian sea salt, the beverage has the heightened levels of vitamin C and acidity to process film. CEO Sam Calagione explained to the Kodak Podcast The Kodakery how the recipe works and later teamed up with Kodak to create a short film shot on Super8 and developed with Dogfish SuperEight (see below). Read more about this on Kodak’s website here.



- Amy-Fern Nuttall  



Image copyright © Kodak