Filmtypes: A New Analogue Database

06 September 2019

SIG: Analogue


An interest in analogue photography doesn’t come cheap. From cameras to chemicals, darkroom equipment to photo paper, there is a whole host of specialist equipment required to truly commit to the craft. Central to the field is the actual photographic film itself. 


New photographers may wish to try out various rolls before committing to a favoured stock, and even enthusiasts with a long history in analogue have faced various producers closing down or ending production and a need to explore other options. Faced with this dilemma analogue-enthusiast Dominik Sobe decided to compile a database of the numerous products out there.


Filmtypes is an easy-to-navigate website bringing together 35mm films indexed along with information, specifications and sample images created with each particular roll. 


“When I first got into film photography I had a hard time figuring out which films I should buy.” Sobe explains on the website. “Filmtypes helps starters as well as people who already shoot film to educate themselves about the variety of films by showing the characteristics, photo examples, written & video reviews as well as providing them a way to engage in discussions.“


Understandably, as a new project, Filmtypes is not yet an exhaustive database but it is expected to will grow over time with more information and film stocks. Take a look at the website, it’s database and other information at where you can also donate to the upkeep of the project if you wish.



- Amy-Fern 




Image copyright © Robert Couse-Baker