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Video Features: The stories behind iconic images and cameras

DIY Hasselblad, the world's largest Polaroid and the story behind an iconic Ansel Adams image

Added by SIG: Analogue on 30 Nov 2018

Analogue Group News: Events, Survey and e-Magazine

Added by SIG: Analogue on 23 Oct 2018

A New Wave of Analogue Products & Services

More analogue announcements, this time from Kodak, Holga and ADOX

Added by SIG: Analogue on 17 Oct 2018

Buying Old Cameras & News from Kodak and Cinestill

Guide to buying old cameras, Ektachrome news and a device for processing film

Added by SIG: Analogue on 06 Oct 2018

Video features: Kodak, Garry Winogrand and Digitising Film

Digitising negatives, a trailer for Garry Winogrand doc, a tour of Kodak’s 35mm factory and how photography engineers ‘prevented World War III’

Added by SIG: Analogue on 15 Sep 2018

Tim Rudman’s final exhibition of ‘Iceland, An Uneasy Calm’

Currently the final venue of a 2-year tour

Added by SIG: Analogue on 23 Aug 2018

Analogue Group: Beginners’ Resources and Members’ Spotlight

A new page, a new showcase and a deadline for magazine submissions

Added by SIG: Analogue on 10 Aug 2018

Film Resurrection, New 4x5 Camera and Tips on Home Processing

Fujifilm brings back B&W film, build your own 4x5 camera, and Popular Photography provides tips on processing at home.

Added by SIG: Analogue on 02 Aug 2018

Home Processing and Wet Plate Collodion Magic

Another processing concept for at-home film processing and a Wet Plate Collodion photography project

Added by SIG: Analogue on 19 Jul 2018

New Lomo-Instax Camera & Monobath Solution

Lomography & Fujifilm announce a new camera and CineStill produce a single-step solution for processing film.

Added by SIG: Analogue on 04 Jul 2018