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Founded in 1974 as the RPS Archaeology Group, the Archaeology & Heritage Group has since expanded to include a wide variety of heritage interests and activities.

These cover all aspects of history, and range from archaeological discoveries to the present century, including the photography of buildings, artefacts, transport, militaria and industrial heritage.

The Group programme includes visits to places of historical interest, and lectures on relevant topics and techniques. A periodical Exhibition of Members’ prints is displayed at appropriate venues, and a regular journal, Heritage Photography (https://bit.ly/2M0rFRC), is mailed to all Members – sample copies, a Programme of Events, and full details of the Group’s activities may be obtained from our Secretary.


A&H Facebook Page.

We have a Facebook Page, https://www.facebook.com/groups/rpsah/ , so why join us there?


Field trips/events

A number of events are held during the year, visiting a range of heritage locations and archaeological sites in the various parts of the country. Heritage means much more than churches, although the range of photographic opportunities presented leads to churches being popular subjects. There are opportunities to photograph  country houses, industrial sites, and village and townscapes amongst others.

An important benefit of group membership is the chance to photograph in locations where photography is otherwise not permitted, and to access some sites when closed to the general public.

Members' Showcase

The group holds an annual conference in October, which in recent years has been held in Leatherhead, Surrey.

Our members' interests in the photography of archaeology and heritage are wide-ranging. The conference is an opportunity for them to share their photographic work, and thus also their interest in their chosen field. Members make their own arrangements for lunch, many congregating in a local pub.

The conference is a good introduction to the group - a means of appreciating and learning about the range of interests and photographic work, and the techniques used.

There are a range of presentations (around six in total) covering secular and ecclesiastical architecture, and archaeological sites and artefacts, both worldwide and within this country.

These are friendly events, and newcomers will be made most welcome.

Other events

Our Annual General Meeting takes place in March, and is combined with the Annual Print Day, where members share and discuss their print work.

See Minutes of the 2013 AGM here

Annual subscription: £15

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