Journal - What to submit

What can I contribute?

  • Features: Articles that combine photographs with a narrative, your story of the photographs, places and meaning.

  • Technical “How to ..”: From the simple to the complex, short insights accompanied illustrative photographs that could help us all become better photographers.

  • Reviews: Reviews of books, journals, websites, exhibitions, galleries indeed anything related to heritage that might be of interest to the group.

  • Editorials: Have you got something to say about Heritage Photography? What opinions do you have? Why not share your ideas in a short piece with one or two photographs?

  • Events reports: If you are going to an event consider taking photographs, general reportage, and then a write up describing the event. This could be a combination of one or more people otherwise you might end up observing and recording rather than being involved.

  • Theme or topic: Do you have an idea for an issue covering an aspect of heritage? Let us know so we can e-mail members widely for contributions. For example, Trams: Past and present, heritage in packaging design, world heritage sites, stained glass windows, member’s local museums and art galleries, your ideas and photographs our help and support to take it to publication.

Contributors will receive a copy of the publication, this in addition to your normal copy if you are already an A&H member.

What should I write?

The aim of the text is to support your photographs. Text can be narrative telling the story of how you took the photographs this could be why you took them, what they mean through to technical how you took them. The text could be more descriptive as an article for Country Living or even as if part of a textbook. The choice is up to you but remember the audience and what they would want to know or ask you about your photographs.

The journal is not an “Academic” publication so the writing can be informal or reflective for example using ‘I’ and writing in whichever tense you find easiest.

If you have an idea you would like to suggest or discuss or would like support please contact the editor at