Membership - How to Join the A&H Group

The A&H Group includes a wide variety of heritage interests and activities. These cover all aspects of history, and range from archaeological discoveries to the present century, including the photography of buildings, artefacts, transport, militaria and industrial heritage. The Group programme includes visits to places of historical interest, and lectures on relevant topics and techniques. A periodical Exhibition of Members’ prints is displayed at appropriate venues, and a regular newsletter, Heritage Photography, is mailed to all Members – sample copies, a Programme of Events, and full details of the Group’s activities may be obtained from our Secretary.

Membership and How to Join

The A&H Group membership is open to all existing and new RPS members. You must be a member of the RPS to be eligible to join any Special Interest Group.

Subscription to the A&H Group is currently £15 a year in addition to your normal RPS membership.


If you are a  member of the RPS and wish to join the A&H Group 

  • Logon
  • Click 'MY RPS' (top right hand corner)
  • Choose the 'My Account' tab
  • Scroll down to 'Your Region/Chapter/Group(s)'
  • Click 'Join a Group'
  • Tick 'Archaeology and Heritage Group' from the list. The amount to pay is the pro-rata rate to the end of your current membership year, after which you will pay the annual rate.
  • After the screen refreshes, check that you have ticked the right box, that the amount is correct, then click 'Pay online now' and follow the instructions.