Buddhist Temple in Laos

21 February 2014

SIG: Archaeology and Heritage

Wat Si Saket is the oldest Buddhist temple in Laos’ capital city, Vientiane. It was built in 1818 on the orders of King Anou Vong in the Siamese style of Buddhist architecture.  The temple itself, or hall, is surrounded by a terrace and an ornate Thai style five-tiered roof; rather than in the Lao style, where the rims almost reach the ground.

When the armies of Siam sacked Vientiane in 1827, they spared Wat Si Saket and used the compound as their Headquarters and lodging place.

The temple features a cloister wall with more than 2000 ceramic, silver and gilded Buddha figures. I took these photographs during a visit to Laos in 2011.

Photos by Chelin Miller LRPS