Light from the Darkness website launch

10 April 2015

SIG: Archaeology and Heritage

New website launched: Ken Keen & Light from the Darkness is a comprehensive cover of the book “Christian Art and Places of Worship”. A collection of pictorial, handcrafted images to illustrate the subject. The website gives a comprehensive outlook of Ken’s routine and method for making photographs of church interiors using a large format camera and historical or ‘alternative’ printing methods. 

By virtue of being handcrafted, each original picture has its own intrinsic beauty, and that makes the image unique. There is a special aesthetic when photographs are made using a Historical Process. The composition and the appearance of these images resonate with a spiritual and romantic undertone. The alternative processes give this collection of images a timeless feel. This allows the viewer to experience the photographer’s presence, proof that the artist is an integral part of the work.

“Perception is, I believe, the key to unlocking the darker world, a world as it appears to many with Visual Impairment. Living as I do, in such a world that appears but dimly lit, living in a state of permanent twilight, gives me a great and beautiful feeling of peace.”  Ken Keen


Ken lost most of his sight after surgery to remove a nasal tumor. He is a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society RPS and a Fellow of the Disabled Photographers Society. In recent years, Ken was Chairman of the Archaeology and Heritage Group, even though he was by that time, registered as blind. He is now a member of the group's Committee.


You can visit the website here: