Submission guidelines for Heritage Photography

19 August 2015

SIG: Archaeology and Heritage

Members of the Archaeology and Heritage group receive a high quality, twice yearly newsletter, Heritage Photography, which includes well- illustrated articles on the wide range of activities and interests represented by the Group.  


The  newsletter is a photographic publication. Our aim is to focus on articles and papers that emphasise Why and How the pictures were taken, though at times it will be necessary to outline some history. Ideally, a selection of images for the editorial team's consideration (inclusion will depend on layout and space available) and a short but informative text.


The article may be submitted as a word document, or in the body of an email. Although handwritten letters are also acceptable, it makes it easier for the editor to have the text already typed.


For printing purposes, we require photographs at 300 dpi. Maximum size of 5MB is acceptable. Please include your name or initials in the file name, for example, a file by Chelin Miller of the church at Tudeley could be:

CM_tudeleychurch.jpg, or

CHE_tudeleychurch.jpg, or

CHELINMILLER_tudeleychurch.jpg, etc.

Anything reasonable that indicates the photographer's name and subject, for easy identification. Try to avoid filenames such as, or

IMG_12345.jpg, which are confusing and can be found in many, many situations.


Please include captions. Name you text, each caption firmly labelled with the jpeg number or title it refers to.


A thumbnail image of the author is also advisable, the file does not need to be big, but at 300dpi resolution for printing.


Text, captions and images can be shared via email or a free file-share platform such as dropbox or wetransfer. Send the download link to