"Classic London" at Crich Tramway Village

28 March 2015

SIG: Archaeology and Heritage

"Classic London" at Crich Tramway Village, Saturday & Sunday, 13/14 June 2015

Archaeology & Heritage Group members may wish to attend this forthcoming event at The National Tramway Museum, when a number of preserved London buses from the London Bus Museum at Brooklands, and other London vehicles of heritage interest, will be displayed and operated alongside the Museum's collection of London trams.


You are invited to attend just as a visitor, or with an appropriate vehicle.  Full details, and Vehicle Entry Forms, can be found on the Museum's website: www.tramway.co.uk .

Note that the Archaeology & Heritage Group, and the RPS, have no involvement in this event – we mention it only for your information.


Preserved London buses will operate alongside vintage trams at Crich Tramway Museum on the weekend of 13/14 June.


Photographs © R. K. Evans.