Photography for Archaeologists

31 May 2015

SIG: Archaeology and Heritage

Archaeology & Heritage Group members may wish to attend this forthcoming event on 27th June 2015: Photography for Archaeologists by Eric Houlder LRPS, MIfL.

The event is organised by Wuffing Education Study Centre at Sutton Hoo. These Study Days provide in-depth explorations for newcomers, enthusiasts, and specialists in the archaeology, history, landscapes, languages, literatures, art, and music of medieval England in general and of East Anglia in particular.

Everyone, from professionals to community dig volunteers, will benefit from this day. Using examples from over fifty years of photographing excavations, (including Sutton Hoo) Eric will show how to shoot every type of feature from structures to pits, burials to boats, and everything in between.

Eric Houlder took his first site photographs in 1956 whilst still at school. Since then, he has been lucky enough to work with some of the ‘greats’ of British archaeology and his images have appeared in numerous publications on both sides of the Atlantic. Though equipment has evolved exponentially during his working life – from glass plates to digital imaging – the actual principles and practise of photographing digs ‘for the record’ have changed little if quality recording is desired, as Eric will demonstrate. 

Highlights of Eric's career include: supervisor at Sutton Hoo in the late ‘60s, flying with Derrick Riley in the ‘70s, Chief Photographer to the Wood Hall Archaeological Trust in the ‘90s, digging Roman road M28b in the ‘80s, recording the Towton Battlefield skeletons, and Photographer to the St Aidan’s Sunken Ships Project in the 2000s. Now officially retired, Eric involves himself with archaeology and particularly site photography at every opportunity. He is currently Editor of "Heritage Photography", the newsletter for the RPS Archaeology & Heritage Group; Past Chair of CBA Yorkshire, and Chair of his local society.


Booking essential. Visit the Wuffing Education Study Centre website

Feature photo by Eric Houlder


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Chelin Miller
01 June 2015

Thank you for your comment, Raju Sinha. Why don't you upload some of those photos to a gallery and share them with other RPS members? I hope you can attend Eric Houlder's workshop and if you feel inspired, join the Archaeology and Heritage Group!

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Raju Sinha
01 June 2015

I love archeology/forensic science. It is a very interesting find. Birmingham University has an archeology unit, I had the permission to photograph artefacts from the Roman findings. So, does Birmingham Museum and art gallery, archeology findings. Best Wishes!

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