How to get your photograph onto the front cover of Heritage Photography!

24 November 2018

SIG: Archaeology and Heritage

Often the front cover comes from one of the featured articles but it could equally be from a photograph you submit to the editor for the journal.

What makes a good front cover photograph? It is one that takes into account the needs of the cover page including:

  • Preferably taken in vertical format with extra space around the edges of the main subject e.g. not too tight.
  • Should preferably be dynamic and eye catching.
  • Position of RPS Logo is prescribed in upper right corner so want to avoid interesting or key visuals in that area.
  • The Heritage Photography title and month down the left hand side are also prescribed so need to be aware of what is in that area. Can be darker or lighter if colour is reversed e.g. could be colour on white rather than white on colour.
  • A key colour from the front cover is picked out for use throughout the whole issue including logo so useful to be aware of colours represented in the scene.

So when you submit an article with photographs also trry and think what would make a good front cover.

David Bryson

Heritage Photography Editor