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14 November 2013

SIG: Audio Visual

I've never blogged before, so this could be fun! I'm also having a lot of fun taking pictures with my iPhone to use in an AV. If you've seen an AV that I recently produced, you'll know that I'm interested to understand why the current smart-phone generation haven't taken to making AVs. As we know millions of phone pictures are taken every day and Refreshments in Snowdonia - iPhone pic for use in AVI have quickly realised the attractions.

The camera is easy to use and the quality,  with the 8Mb sensor in 'normal' lighting, is good.

And then there are the 'apps', you don't have to stick to the basic camera software, there are so many others.

Viveca Koh's article in a recent issue of the RPS 'Digit' magazine gave me a lot of ideas. I like the look of the 'Hipstamatic' app, choosing a 'film' and 'lens' to give a grungy monochrome look, so I took quite a few pics while we were in Snowdonia for the weekend.

More on my progress soon!              

Howard Bagshaw

19th Nov 2013

Having discovered apps like Hipstamatic which give you instant gratification, but little control, I'm trying post processing 'straight' iPhone images. So far my favourite image editor is Snapseed which has a convenient and speedy interface. This is how it came out of the camera:

iPhone image by canal

And then in Snapseed I adjusted contrast, saturation and then added some 'grunge' and possibly some HDR. The software allows a huge range of adjustments, some 'traditional' and some 'way out'. The interface is interesting, with only a small touch screen to control the image editing, it uses up and down strokes to change the effect to be adjusted, while side to side strokes change the amount of adjustment.


Snapseed interface

Having made some adjustments, I ended up with this:

iPhone image by canal adjusted in Snapseed

Robert Albright iPhoneographyThere is a huge range of ways of adjusting the image including centre-focus, tilt-shift, retrolux and drama. And the adjustments need not be across the whole image, you can make selective adjustments to part of the image.

So a week with a lot more photos on the iPhone, I even have a tripod attachment for it now.

Oh yes, I also caught a member of Council taking pictures on his iPhone.

So the camera in the iPhone seems of good quality and I can post-process the images. The next thing to think about, for AV, is how I can record sound on the iPhone. More next week.



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06 August 2014

Interesting this as I have just acquired an iPhone4

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Andrew N Gagg FRPS
16 February 2014

I'm now rather sorry I don't have an iPhone, Howard! :-)

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