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Contemporary SIG AGM Agenda and Reports

The RPS Contemporary Group AGM will be held on 13 October 2018 between 10:30 to 16:00 at Regents University in London. The draft agenda and reports of the committee are available on

Added by SIG: Contemporary on 27 Sep 2018

Hundred Heroines - Juno Calypso

Juno Calypso graduated from the London College of Communication in 2012. Her personal project ‘The Honeymoon’ was a series of self-portraits at honeymoon hotels in the USA, with wigs and lingerie, in acts of desire and disappointment.

Added by SIG: Contemporary on 24 Aug 2018

Hundred Heroines nomination: Monica Alcazar-Duarte

Monica Alcazar-Duarte is a Mexican-British photographer. Her 2014 MA project at the London College of Communication took the form of an artist book, which unfolded on all four spiral-bound edges and an accompanying large hanging mobile of prints. This work gained Monica the award of a MEAD Fellowship from the University of the Arts London, which supported a further project, Astro-2030.

Added by SIG: Contemporary on 05 Aug 2018

Hundred Heroines nomination: Laia Abril

Laia Abril tells intimate stories which raise hidden realities related to sexuality, eating disorders and gender equality.

Added by SIG: Contemporary on 30 Jul 2018

Project photography

When choosing a subject to photograph there's some useful things to consider: would it sustain your interest over time, is it regularly accessible, is it something you know enough about to get started and would be of interest to others?

Added by SIG: Contemporary on 21 Jul 2018

Introducing our Instagram pages

Contemporary photographers make visual statements on any subject, emphasising sets of images. We have extended our social media presence with a new Instagram account where group members and non-members work can be featured.

Added by SIG: Contemporary on 10 Jul 2018

Single Picture Stories

As a group ethos the Contemporary SIG tends to encourage photographers to think about building sets of images to make a point about something. An image in today’s newspapers had me thinking about the challenges of telling stories with a single image. This one is incredible and makes a point very quickly.

Added by SIG: Contemporary on 11 Jun 2018

Photographs with emotional impact

Images can make us smile, laugh, or cry - or somewhere in between. What series of images has an emotional impact on you?

Added by SIG: Contemporary on 17 May 2018

A line through London

A Royal Photographic Society photo project about Crossrail was proposed by Brian Steptoe early in 2017, along the lines of Alec Soth’s ground-breaking photobook Sleeping by the Mississippi. The RPS book followed the tunnelled sections of Crossrail recording London life around the future Elizabeth Line.

Added by SIG: Contemporary on 17 Apr 2018

Women in Photography

March 8th 2018 was International Women’s Day. On that day several organisations such as Magnum and Lensculture published some great articles discussing women photographers. Whilst the photography industry is male dominated and women are fighting hard for their share of attention the articles from Magnum and Lensculture show us women photographers are producing great contemporary work, often with points of view unattainable by male photographers.

Added by SIG: Contemporary on 30 Mar 2018