Contemporary East Anglia

09 January 2015

SIG: Contemporary East Anglia

Our first group project about the on-going development of the Ipswich Dock and Waterfront has got off to a steady start with contributions from Tom Owens, Keith Locke and Peter Ellis

The more we investigate the various aspects of the effects of the changes, the more links to the past are discovered. The three of us are focussing on different areas of change which we hope will provide a more diverse range of images and we welcome more members to take part.

You can view our work so far using the link below, come and join us!

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02 February 2015

Thanks Mick. We hope to get some different elevated viewpoints soon.

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Mick Medley
14 January 2015

Very interesting, coming from Ipswich, now in SW Region, I will watch with great interest.

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