RPS Contemporary Group 2015 Survey

17 March 2015

SIG: Contemporary

The total replies of 131 was approx. one-third of total group membership at the issue date. This is a similar proportion as for the last survey carried out in February 2007. The typical profile of a group member is one who has been a member for 1-3 years, who aims to show their work by exhibition or photobook and who is more likely not to be than to be an active member of a camera club. Most hold an RPS distinction, often an Associateship and often they would hold a BA or MA from a photographic education course.


Almost all members work on projects or series of work and understand our group ethos statement. But at least half say they have difficulty in explaining our group ethos to others not in the group. This could well be explained by the profile difference of our members from the majority of Society members.


A set of follow-up actions from the questionnaire has been prepared and will be actioned by your committee. For more detailed information click here: