Eye Spy

10 April 2016

SIG: Contemporary

The RPS is hosting three photography exhibitions dealing with different aspects of homeless during April, having secured The Magic Gallery in Charing Cross underground station as venue. Eye Spy is being presented between 20th - 29th April, 2016.

I saw “Eye Spy” when it was exhibited earler this year at Fenton House; it tackles the issue of rough sleeping head-on and is a hard-hitting view.  Contemporary Fine Art Photographer, Nigel Tooby, exemplifies his creativity by putting each piece into stark context.  The framing and mountings purposefully use materials that are typically found on the streets including paving slabs, wooden crates and cardboard boxes and help emphasise the situation of homeless and rough sleepers.

The hard-hitting series of images and mixed media artworks give an uncompromising window into the world of the homeless.  Its haunting and moving, well worth a view.


More info at http://www.rps.org/news/2016/april/rps-reveals-homelessness

See also http://simononthestreets.co.uk/blog/eye-spy-exhibition-london-charing-cross/


Image by Nigel Tooby FRPS

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28 April 2016

I got to visit the exhibition in Charing Cross today - the penultimate day. Probably a more powerful showing of the images, the ordering being clearer in the space. The final image of a graveyard was one I missed at Fenton House. Even more poignant.

Great people staffing the gallery - I felt very welcome.

The gallery is not the easiest to find, with a bit of a trek around the arcades needed if you don't know where to look. The most direct route to the gallery is the tube entrance from William IV Street next door to Hopkins and Jones Ltd jewellers.

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